R & R Medical - Q and A's
  Question: I have been using clonazepam for about three months now for mild GAD and Panic Disorder. It has worked tremendously well. I take .5 twice daily. My understanding is that this is a very small dose and I should have no problems with it. Can this dosage be taken for long periods of time? Life is so much better with it than it was before! I cannot tolerate the SSRIs and Buspar did no good whatsoever. Also, I use St. John's Wort along with the clonazepam. Any problems there, and how long can one use the St. John's Wort safely?

Answer: Well, it is still potentially addicting even at this dosage if continued for a long period. However, that is not a specific reason to stop if it works well. There should be no problem combining St. Johns and any benzodiazepam. St. John's appears to be safe long term at this point.

Question: I have been taking Claritin_D for 6 days and have experienced some alarming things. I cannot sleep at night. One night I slept 1-2 hours only and last night 2 hours.

Answer: Well, it could be the Claritin or the D part. Probably the D part, although some patients will have this type of dream with antihistamines. I'd separate off the D(pseudoephedrine) and see what happens. You may be find on Claritin by itself.